About me

Hi, I’m Andreas!

I’m daddy to Bruno and Filippa, and married to Emma. I’m Swedish but after living in Sweden and France I currently live in Montreal, Canada.

After working as a professional photographer for almost 15 years working with fashion and advertising I realised it was time for me to leave a career I no longer found any joy in. I felt confused and lost. The only thing I really knew was that it was time for me to do something different, something new.
Something I could find joy in.

I took the chance to be on a long paternity leave with my sone Bruno. It was an amazing year, and it gave me time to think about what I really wanted.

It turned out to be a long list with ideas and thoughts, and at the end of the paternity leave I decided to start a company that built premium playhouses (Bushus), a interior design company (Kindler & Kindler), and when we moved to Paris I was one of the co-founders to a kids wear brand (Beau & Rooster).

The move to Canada gave me time for reflection and I realised that there was still something missing and decided to hire a coach. It was an incredibly powerful experience and by the end of our first conversation I had awareness of what was missing for me and at the same time I learned the power of coaching.
That experience woke something inside me and all the pieces of the puzzel fell very quickly into place. I realised what I should do was to coach others.
I had a purpose and a plan. I knew what I needed to do to get the change I wanted.

I trained to become a coach at Erickson International Coaching, considered to be one of the best schools for coaches in the world. I’m now a certified coach on my way to IFC accreditation.

I coach in Swedish and English, and I have clients in Sweden, Canada and USA.

Interactions and conversations have always been an important part of my life. I have found joy again by helping others that want to be challenged and grow. The rest is history…

”Working with Andreas was extremely helpful for me when I needed help understanding how to prioritise and set goals. I will bring his positivity and support with me forever. I’m really grateful for all help.” – Caroline H